Prayer Challenge for July

A new month is here, and July is typically when our NC missions team is gearing up to fly to Honduras for a week of ministry. Although in the summers of 2020 and 2021 our physical presence in the villages has been missing, your continued support has allowed for the mission to continue with Mario, Keila, and the local pastors and churches. Everyone has adjusted and found new ways to continue spreading the gospel and serving others.
The pastors and local churches play a key role in ministering to the villages because they are permanently there on mission to their community each day. One of the churches we have the honor to work with is the Iglesia Evangélica Bautista Renacer del Naranjál. Please pray with us during July for Pastor Oseas and his wife, Martha. They officially retired in June after 20 years of ministry with the Iglesia Evangélica Bautista Renacer del Naranjáll. Pastor Oseas will be 80 years old next year. The church was able to celebrate Pastor Oseas and Martha with a special church service. Below are some photos of the celebration. Their genuine heart to build relationships with everyone in the Village of El Naranjál has made a positive impact. Their service to the ministry has been a blessing and they will surely be missed by the community. Pray as they enter a new phase of life in retirement. The ministry in El Naranjál will continue as they have left a mark in the people and church there. Simple Matters is very grateful for Pastor Oseas and Martha.

Ministry at Camp Betel in June

Ministry continues at Camp Betel despite, and because of, the pandemic. Food distribution continues each month, along with medicines from Dr. Antonio.

In the photographs below, you will see staple food items for each family with ordinary, daily medications in the orange and pink bags. The doctor is unable to make personal visits to the Camp in this time of COVID, so family bags of over-the-counter medicines are prepared with ibuprofen, acetaminophen, allergy medication, cough syrup, and other daily needs. Those older family members with chronic diseases receive their monthly supply of diabetic or blood pressure medications.

It is our hope that the doctor will be able to resume monthly visits to the Camp soon. However, the government of Honduras continues to extend the national curfew and travel is limited. Cases continue to stay at a high level, and there is very little hope at the moment for a substantial supply of vaccine.

Please pray for the people of Honduras as they continue to suffer in poverty, with little hope for income, food, or COVID vaccine. Education for the children is still in doubt, as they are only able to attend school online which leaves out all children without internet access. Simple Matters continues to assist children and families. If you would like to participate in this ministry of serving the least of these in Christ’s name, please click the button below. A one-time gift will make a difference; a monthly gift will make a lasting difference.

Give what you can. Simple does matter. What can you do without?

Prayer Challenge for June

Thank you for your continued support by joining us in prayer each month. For the month of June, please join us in praying for Mario and Keila’s marriage and family.

Mario and Keila work year-round in the villages served by the Health Matters mobile clinics in addition to seeking opportunities for church planting in other villages in the area.  This work is in the northeastern part of the Department of Francisco Morazán (in blue above). “Home base” is Iglesia Bautista Renacer del Naranjál in the village of El Naranjál.  Mario and Keila also serve as ministers to the youth in that village, mentoring and guiding them in the gospel and in life.

Normally, each summer Mario and Keila work with several mission teams who assist with the progress of the gospel in the area.  Teams go into nearby villages to construct pilas (toilet/shower/water basin), conduct children’s activities, and provide medical clinics.  All these activities are envisioned by Mario and Keila and are put into action to extend the gospel and eventually plant churches.  Unfortunately, no mission teams are traveling to Honduras this summer, so that piece of mission work is missing for 2021, as it was in 2020. 

Mario and Keila work diligently and wholeheartedly to continue the ministry of Simple Matters and serve the children and their families.  This can bring challenges, especially when time away from family is necessary for ministry to continue.  Please pray that they will continue living the gospel in their home and that God will bless their marriage and their family.

April Report: Ministry at Camp Betel

The ministries of Simple Matters continue though the pandemic continues to rage in Honduras. The daily number of confirmed cases in Honduras had its highest peak in early May (Source: Johns Hopkins University), and a national curfew is still in effect. Vaccines are not available for the public yet, though a limited supply has been available for ICU doctors and nurses. The COVID situation in Honduras is still all-consuming. We are grateful for our partners in Honduras who find a way to keep ministry going. Picture below is Elva, our coordinator at Camp Betel, who is faithful to meet the needs of the villagers around her.

Elva Bautista, Simple Matters coordinator

In April, Simple Matters was able to help distribute monthly food bags for the families of Camp Betel. These bags contain staples such as rice, beans, masa, and other cooking items. The families come to the Camp and hear a word of gospel encouragement, then the food distribution takes place.

Dr. Antonio continues to provide medical care for the families at Camp Betel, but it’s not always safe for him to travel to the Camp for in-person visits during times of substantial community spread. This month he prepared bags of medicines for his patients, and these were distributed along with the food bags.

These acts of generosity are helping those we serve in Honduras to have more normal lives, helping them to have food to eat in a time of no income, helping them to have medicines for common ailments in a time of need. If you would like to participate in this ministry of serving the least of these in Christ’s name, please click the button below. A one-time gift will make a difference; a monthly gift will make a lasting difference.

Give what you can. Simple does matter. What can you do without?

Prayer Challenge for May

As we reflect on April, Simple Matters would like to thank everyone that tuned in on April 17 for our Virtual Prayer Breakfast video update. We shared in the honor of listening to Mario and Keila as they spoke of how they are actively working with the families in the villages. We encourage you to watch the update if you haven’t. You can view the video here:

For the month of May, please join us in prayer for Lisette, wife of Pastor Benjamín, and his family. Pastor Benjamín passed away last July due to COVID. He was the pastor of Restauración Church in El  Tablón, in the outskirts of Tegucigalpa.    Pastor Benjamín is pictured below. This has been very difficult for Lisette and their family, church, and community. COVID cases continue to be on the rise in Honduras and a vaccine is still not readily accessible to its citizens.

Thank you for joining us in the monthly prayer challenges.  “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.” Ephesians 6:18. 

Simple Matters Virtual Update Spring 2021

This morning we had the pleasure of premiering a virtual update from Simple Matters on Facebook and YouTube. Mario and Keila shared about the current state of ministry in Honduras, and we heard from 3 of Simple Matters’ Board members. You can join in this opportunity as well, by viewing the video at

As Mario says in the video, there are three things that help to initiate change: education, nutrition, and the Gospel. Simple Matters works in all of these areas through their ministries in Honduras. You can be a partner in change for those in Honduras needing to escape the cycle of poverty. Click to give!

Online Ministry Update, April 17, 2021

Join with us ONLINE on Saturday, April 17, at 10:00 EDT as we hear from our missionaries on the ground in Honduras. Mario and Keila will join with us to share updates on the ministries of Simple Matters and how COVID has impacted the people of Honduras. Join on your computer or on your mobile device wherever you are to participate in this unique opportunity to hear from Mario and Keila up close and personal.

Mario and Keila speaking at a conference in Texas in 2019

You can find the Ministry Update on Simple Matters’ Facebook page at and on their YouTube channel at This is an amazing opportunity to hear first-hand stories of God’s working in Honduras, without even leaving your home! Don’t miss it!

April 2021 Prayer Challenge

As we continue the Simple Matters Prayer Challenge, we want to thank you for your donations toward the COVID feeding program last month. Your donations helped to feed 60 families in the village of Chiquistepex, where there is church planting work being done.   

On March 5th, the Simple Matters Board of Directors met with Mario and Keila, our Honduras “home missionaries,” with whom we’ve had the blessing of working since 2012. We were able to fellowship together and receive updates on what the current needs are in the villages where Simple Matters has ministries.

Simple Matters Board of Directors with Mario and Keila on March 5

For the month of April, let’s pray together for the pastors in Honduras. COVID has made it difficult to minister to their congregations, and deciding on whether or not to open church services has been an ongoing issue.  Pictured below are just three of the many pastors that are a part of the ministry of Simple Matters.

Thank you for joining us in April’s Prayer Challenge!